About The Sonic Writers

Shaun Day and Matty Margallo have been working together as The Sonic Writers for more than five years, bringing together over two decades of music production experience between them. In addition to their solo releases, their production work has been utilized by a myriad of independent artists and working musicians alike (including Susan Lucas, Charles Grace, Maggie Bushiri, Des Flores, Alexia Anne, MALSI, Jon Martin, Future Music LA, and many more).  With a unique, positive approach to music production, the Sonic Writers specialize in turning an artist’s musical vision into a reality. 

Both seasoned musicians themselves, producers Day and Margallo are adept at taking on many roles in the recording and production process from music composition to songwriting to utilizing their working relationships in the Los Angeles music scene to hire the best session musicians, engineers, and recording studios. Integrating their experience, relationships, and specific musical vibe with an artist’s ambition is the centerpiece of The Sonic Writers’ ethos.

About Matty Margallo: 

Margallo graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Composition & Songwriting, and has spent the last decade cultivating production and performance experience throughout Los Angeles. He has brought his trademark soulful vocals, heavy drums, and 20 years of piano/keyboard experience to the prolific production duo, The Sonic Writers.

You can find Margallo on all social media platforms

About Shaun Day:

Day has a degree in Music with a concentration in Recording Technology from Cal State Monterey Bay, and has been a producer, sound engineer, and session player in Los Angeles for the last decade. Day brings his expertise in music production and 20 years of guitar performance to the production duo, The Sonic Writers.

You can find Day on all social media platforms